Texas Bourbon

To make bourbon, we mill and cook a sweet mash in our kettle and ferment for five days before transferring it to our pot still. A uniquely American style known as a Tennessee narrow hearts cut, our double-distillation process involves four all-day cooks, four all-day stripping runs and a final spirit run. During this spirit run, we collect the best fraction of distillate during a slow, 13-hour long run. The hearts, once diluted and aged in new 30-gallon barrels, is bourbon. All of our bourbon barrels are built in the United States of white American oak harvested in Missouri and Minnesota.

Whistlestop Texas Whiskey

Whistlestop is a clear corn whiskey that we bottle unaged and unfiltered. Every drop is mashed, fermented and distilled from corn and barley and hand-bottled fresh from the still.


Boxcar Texas Whiskey

We blend Boxcar from barrels of Whiskeys Distilled from a Bourbon Mash of 90 percent corn and ten percent malted barley that we select and purchase by the barrel. We choose barrels for their cis-lactones (vanilla and coconut), harvest, and rest this marriage in used 53-gallon bourbon barrels.


College Station Texas Corn Whiskey

We distill College Station from a bourbon mash that includes a helping of roasted malt. This imparts a heavy, chocolaty richness to the hearts of the final run. Once diluted to barrel-proof, it is stored in used 30-gallon barrels, the same deep-charred barrels that were used earlier to age our bourbon.